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Conservative Businessman

Who Gets Things Done!

Billy Garrett is a conservative businessman, devoted husband, and loving father and grandfather who is guided by faith in God, our Constitution, and the Rule of Law. At 12 years old, Billy got his first job shining shoes. During his freshman year at Greenwood High School he went to work for Piggly Wiggly which made it possible for him to graduate Lander University and USC Law. Billy and his wife Denise (Dee) Witt, opened their first businesses, the Garrett Law Firm and Greenwood Mediation Center, after 16 years in the grocery industry.

Billy Garrett

It's Time For Conservative Change

Limit & Reform Government

Fix Roads, Water & Sewer

Support Our First Responders

Make Our Schools Safer

Pro-2nd Amendment Rights

Expand Access to Healthcare

Lower State Income Tax

Fight For Term Limits





 “As Senator, I will be accessible and accountable to you. Call my personal cell anytime at 864-554-0963.”

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